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Features And Benefits

Features And Benefits

If you've made it to this page, you probabaly want to know more about 'What's in this Kit?'.

The Stronger Than My Excuses comprehensive Licensed Web TV Production Kit enables you to produce your own Web TV shows with tried and tested templates, checklists and scripts. 

"Make a video" They said.

"It's easy" They said.

Wrong...it's not easy and a bad video can ruin your profile and reputation in an instant. Why would you want to use a 'Production Kit' to make a panel discussion series, rather than going it alone? Here are just some of the features and benefits of using the Kit for your own series:

Why The Stronger Than My Excuses Production Kit?

Not only do we show you what not to do, using our own experience we will save you hundreds of hours to help you get it right the first time. 

Stronger Than My Excuses enables you to produce your own Web TV show with comprehensive tried and tested templates, checklists and advice, including:

  • choosing a panel,
  • how to host a show,
  • how to set up the room, (so important)
  • what equipment is required,
  • the format of the show,
  • scripting guidelines,
  • templates for obtaining sponsors,
  • database of suppliers,
  • plus advice for working with the camera.

Nothing is left to chance and upon purchasing your production kit, you will also receive:

  • Use of our IP and Branding
  • Our Growing Viewership/Following on all Socials
  • Filming Training Notes
  • Screen Test Critiquing
  • Proof viewing of all shows and Promos
  • Video’s uploaded to STME YouTube Channel
  • Customer Support
  • Additional Marketing guidelines.

See our complete features and benefits list below for more details about the contents of the Production Kit and additional services available. To find out if you're eligible to produce and/or host your own series, contact us now.

Features And Benefits Of The Stronger Than My Excuses Licensed Web TV Production Kit

Feature Benefit
IP and branding

Stronger Than My Excuses says it all. It’s how you begin to take action. It’s how you stop procrastinating.

Use our brand to show people you are not only prepared to take action, but you are already doing it by having your own show.

All shows are branded with our logo and their title will include: A Stronger Than My Excuese Show OR A STME Giving Strength Show (for sensitive issues). 

You'll follow our guidelines but the content will be your own. No Excuses here! Be credible and an expert in your field.


Leverage the STME’s following to ensure you reach more people than you can access on your own.

Once approved, every episode is uploaded to the STME YouTube Channel


Every week, top shows will be chosen and highlighted on all our Social Media. Our top videos will also feature in our regular newsletter and links to ALL shows will be included on our website.

We will continually market the STME brand, along with aligned social enterprises to strengthen the image of our brand.

Procedures manual

You will have EVERY step listed. Nothing is left to chance and therefore the success of your show is guaranteed. We’ve made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

While the content is up to you, by following the manual and ensuring everything on your checklists is ticked off, you will save yourself hours/days of heartache and frustration. Does your videographer know how to do a white balance check? Does your venue know what time you will arrive? Everything will run smoothly.

The manual is continually updated. This ensures any further feedback is handed to you as soon as we hear about it.

Email templates You don’t need to construct your own emails when approaching hosts, guests, sponsors, videographers, editors and a venue. The email templates are on word documents and can be simply copy and pasted onto your emails where you can make adjustments as appropriate for each recipient, saving you hours of time on copywriting.
Phones scripts You will have supportive scripts to back up your email content and give you several ideas to help you discuss the show and confirm your requirements. Not only does this save you hours of research and decisions on what to say, but it makes you feel confident that you will have the answers to any objections which may arise.
Filming Day Run Sheet Template This means you don’t have any ‘out of the box’ issues. The run sheet is handed to each person involved, including the venue, to ensure everyone knows their role in making the show a success. If you have a venue who offers coffee and tea, will they remember to give you access early in the morning? Nothing is left to chance.
Filming Training These notes will support the host to work on their own script and ensure they know the do’s and don’t of being on film. It is crucial to get this right for a professional show and we will have everything clearly listed for your host.
Host and guest scripts (generic) This means you have a standard format to follow and can simply add your own content and flavour. Nothing else to think about…just fill in the blanks and voila.
Screen test critique x 5

You will need to practice your scripts for a more professional show, so simply start filming your host (our yourself if it’s you) and when you are ready, send the first screen test to us and we will critique it for you.

This can simply be done on your smartphone and will give you more confidence being in front of the camera. The more detail we give you to refine, the better you and your show will be.

Co-host training notes This will support your co-hosts in understanding not only their role, but you will have the additional training during your screen tests to pass onto them. You can even screen test them using the same information we have given you.
Guest training notes All guests will also have a checklist and notes for the show. This means they will be prepared and not reading notes. They will be more engaged in the conversation and be prompted by you so as not to forget anything they want to mention (when they are nervous on screen). Everything will be in your notes.
Equipment list Everything you need for the show to be a success. Don’t leave anything to chance. We have thought of EVERYTHING. (This will save you hours and plenty of heartache and stress).
Customer support This means you can contact our team at any time during the kit license period. This starts on the day you receive the kit so includes pre and post production of your show. Your checklists should cover everything, but we’re here for those ‘out of the box’ circumstances to support you. You are not alone.
Supplier Library/Database. (Videographers, editors, hosts etc.) If you can’t find your own specialists, we have a data base of various people and businesses who may be able to help. We will put you directly in touch with them so you can send them your email template and make them an offer to work on your show. This data base will increase over time.
Complete guide for costings Our guide will help you budget for your show and includes pricing guides for all services, what to ask for sponsorships and what you should be able to negotiate as free services.
How to run your show on zero budget This plan shows you 3 examples of how you can have your show on air without any money coming from your budget! What a gem!
Marketing guide for SM Once you have your show completed, you will want to get the most out of it. We will show you some of the most effective ways to do this. Alternatively you can use some of our services to do this for you. What works for you…works for us.
Add to your website Videos will give you great SEO and SEM rewards.
Additional services Quotes available on request.
Transcribe for blog, e-Blasts, email marketing, SM posts etc. Your entire show can be put into text where you can use portions in blogs, short email/eblasts, email marketing campaigns and on all social media. We can train you to do this, or we can do this for you.
Podcast Many people would prefer to hear you than look at you. Your entire show can be put into a podcast, or broken up into several podcasts for those who may want to hear it more than once as they travel in their cars, cook dinner or do the gardening. Again, add this option to your email marketing or SM campaigns.
SEM/SEO and co-promotion Having our experts ensure you get the most out of your show…makes it easy. We offer post show marketing and advertising options to support what you have already created. Ask us for a quote.


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