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Stronger Than My Excuses. The name says it all. The story is yours. Find your own inspiration like our founder did.  

When you’re ready to stop disappointing yourself and get in the arena, join us. We have a plan for you

Be the host of your own panel discussion series. Woah…Sounds scary (good, you need to do something others are not).

A Web TV Show Production Kit. Choose the complete DIY Kit including every step broken down into a bite size chunk checklist and templates, or have the entire series produced and broadcast for you. It's your show...but we're with you all the way.

A professional framework for creating and producing your own series of Web TV panel discussion shows.

Get yourself in front of all your prospects...

    our followers...

        and the people who really need you.

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What is Stronger Than My Excuses?

An easy to use, tried and tested platform for making powerful Web TV panel discussions for people who want to contribute to making an important difference in the world or offer innovative actions and ideas for business...

Inspiring Change!

How Does The Production Kit Work To Support Change?

By opening up conversations on important social issues and identifying positive actions for businesses to succeed. Producing your own Stronger Than My Excuses Series, whether for social or business purposes, increases your standing in your community as a leader who takes action, over making excuses. The Licensed Media Production Kit makes it a reality...

Are You Passionate About Making A Difference In The World?

Stronger Than My Excuses empowers you to activate the positive social change you are passionate about achieving, whether through community groups or business initiatives.

  • Men's Health
  • Nursing Homes and Caring for Our Elderly
  • Surviving the Social Media Jungle
  • Interior Design and Renovating
  • Clean Our Waterways
  • Entrepreneurs and Start Ups
  • Leadership…What is a Good Leader
  • Domestic Violence
  • Navigating Digital Transformation
  • The Law and Your Business...

What Is Included In The Production Kit?

Stronger Than My Excuses provides a comprehensive Licensed Media Production Kit covers all areas of production including:

  • Choosing a panel,
  • How to host a show,
  • How to set up the room,
  • What equipment is required


Nothing is left to chance:

  • Proof viewing of all shows and Promos
  • Video’s uploaded to STME YouTube Channel
  • Customer Support
  • Budget Guidelines and how we produced 16 shows on Zero Budget

A Few Words From Our Founder

Julie Watson

After overcoming my own health adversities, I finally found my passion, but I needed to build my profile so that people knew how I could help them, what I offered and that I was good at it.

Do your prospects truly know what you can do for them?

  • Are you getting your message across succinctly? 
  • Do you stand out from the crowd?
  • Are you drowning in a sea of competition?

It's time to back yourself, speak up and stand out...

In Series One, the panel discussions were all about my passion. I wanted to make a difference and support people in small business to change their mindset.

I wanted to improve the statistic of 80% of small businesses closing down within the first two years!

This was my passion. This was my story.

For Series Two, I stepped aside and expanded the Stronger Than My Excuses theme and invited others to talk about their own story, passion or social issue.

It turned out, people were interested! Everyone has a story to tell and a passion or business to promote. Everyone needs to build their profile or that of their business or oganisation. People wanted a voice!

Our brand, Stronger Than My Excuses, and our platform of Panel Discussion TV shows, was just the vehicle to achieve this.

By choosing high-profile co-hosts and guest, it initiated faster growth organically and supported the paid promotions to build a following larger than even we anticipated.'s your turn.

Now It's yourTurn!

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has a passion. What’s your story, passion or business and what are the issues you are facing? Tell your story and come up with real actions and solutions through this unique panel discussion forum. You’ll not only be seen as an expert in your field and build your organisation and personal profile, but you’ll know you are making a difference and INSPIRING CHANGE.

See our complete features and benefits list for more details about the contents of the Production Kit and additional services available.




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